jul 2020

Principal Engineer iOS

Zalando SE - Berlin


feb 2017
jul 2020

Senior Full-stack Engineer

Zalando SE - Berlin


nov 2014
oct 2016

Senior iOS Engineer

EyeEm - Berlin

  • EyeEm iOS
  • Member of four-person in house development team for highly rated photography community iOS app. Particular focus on attractive and performant user interface, and high quality image processing.


nov 2013
oct 2014

Lead iOS Engineer

Memrise - London

  • Memrise iOS companion app, v3
  • Implementing third version of the Memrise companion iOS app. CoreData core, SLRestfulCoreData, ReactiveCocoa bindings. Thorough test suite with Specta, Expecta.


may 2013
nov 2013

Senior iOS Engineer

Stylemarks - Berlin

  • Stylemarks iOS
  • Lead member of a three-man in-house development team. Successfully led later stages of development to a highly-rated and App Store featured release. Jenkins, HockeyApp distribution and reporting, nightly builds, internal and public betas. Facebook Open Graph, Social features, ReactiveCocoa, Agile development, iOS7 migration.


jul 2012
may 2013

iOS Engineer

SoundCloud - Berlin

One of four person in-house development team, replacing previously out-sourced development. Scrum agile development. Collaboration via GitHub. Personally responsible for leading automated testing initiative, from previously test-free state.


nov 2012

Code Auditing

CatAcademy, Memrise - London

Providing weekly code auditing services to assist their in-house iOS dev in the development of this language learning application.


oct 2012

Code Auditing

TripleSpot / TheEngineYard

Code audit for first iteration of iOS client.


aug 2010
jun 2012

iOS Developer

mkodo - London


Sole in-house iOS developer, with four projects completed for high-profile UK gaming industry clients. Projects utilise existing in-house XML REST services, as well as on top of my own proprietary iOS app framework, designed to handle the unique needs of mobile applications as well as the high UI standards expected of professional iOS products. Mature knowledge of Objective-C, as well as low level runtime interactions. Supported development with testing frameworks such as OCUnit, OCHamcrest, OCMock and UI testing with FoneMonkey, as well as contributing to this open-source project.


sep 2009
aug 2010

Postgraduate Student

University of Bristol


Full-time study of one-year MSc in Computer Science. Please see education section.


jul 2009
apr 2008

English Teacher

Global Language Institute - Tokyo, Japan


On contract, taught English oral communication classes to groups of first-year high school students. Cooperated with members of faculty in the development and delivery of curriculum. Actively involved in examinations and assessments.


jul 2009
sep 2008

Business Skills Instructor

Idea Development - Tokyo, Japan


Taught international business communication skills to employees at high profile clients such as Nissan, Adecco and Nomura Securities. Usually working on-site, gaining exposure to a wide range of business settings.


mar 2008
mar 2006

English Teacher

Kensington School - Tokyo, Japan


Taught small classes of students at a privately owned English school. Age groups varied from preschool up to senior citizens, including a large number of businesspeople with a particular need for skills in international business and communication.


mar 2006
apr 2005

English Teacher

Global Language Institute - Tokyo, Japan


One year contract, teaching English oral communication classes at a highly reputable central Tokyo boys' junior and senior high school. Actively involved in the preparation and marking of examinations as well as class-based coursework.


mar 2005
sep 2004

Assistant Language Teacher

Interac Corporation - Tokyo, Japan


Six month contract, assisting with the delivery of board of education managed English communication classes. Also, playing an active role in school activities and in-class testing.


sep 2004
jun 2003

English Instructor

Nova Corporation - Tokyo, Japan

Taught small classes as part of a large chain of English schools. Groups of one to four students, varying in range from young children to senior citizens. Managed weekly specialised discussion sessions in advanced communication and film.


oct 2002
may 2003

Mutual Funds New Business Team


Axa - Bristol, UK

Part of the mutual funds new business team, administering and managing new account applications and following up outstanding cases.


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